My Journey Home

30 August 2014
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Having a navigator when I travel has made me much more adventurous because I know if I get lost I can hit that home button and it will tell me how to get home. As I was driving down interstate 75 on my way home from Atlanta I saw a sign that said Indian Springs State Park. I decided to take the exit to find this park that sounded to me like it would be quite remarkable. I remember when I was very young going with my parents to some Indian mounds somewhere around Macon (I think) and I have always wanted to go back. I thought that maybe this state park would be the place, so I went on an adventure to find this park. 

I drove several miles and just as I was about ready to turn around I see a sign saying the park was straight ahead so I continue to drive having no idea where I was but confident my handy navigator would come to my rescue if I needed it to. I enter a small town called Jackson and was pleased with my discovery since I had never been to Jackson before. Low and behold I see another sign advertising the park which was the only motivation I needed to continue my journey especially now since I was having a great time with my site seeing tour through middle Georgia country. As I drove I began to see another sign in random locations. This sign was green with a white border and in all capital letters read JESUS. The first one made me smile, the second was very impressive, and after seeing many of these signs that simply said JESUS I really took notice that they seemed to be everywhere. My journey to find the park was becoming a journey to find JESUS. 

I came to a fork in the road, and a sign let me know Indian Springs was to the right, so I follow the road to where I knew must be going to take me to my desired park. I was also enjoying all the beautiful colors in the leaves and the scenery. My journey was proving to be quite an adventure, as I now looked for JESUS harder than I looked for Indian Springs State Park. After many miles of traveling I finally found the small but attractive park. There were no Indian mounds as I originally hoped but by this time I didn’t care. I drove all through the park observing the beautiful scenery. I ended up traveling down a dirt road at the far end of the park so I decided that I really should turn around and go back out. I pulled in a drive to turn around and looked to the left front side of my car and there lay another JESUS sign on the ground which by this time made at least five signs. I laughed out loud and said, “Jesus you are everywhere I look”.

jesusBack at the entrance to the park and trying to decide where to go from here I remembered seeing a sign that said Forsyth was to the right. Knowing interstate 75 went through Forsyth I decided to travel that direction. I saw a few more JESUS signs and a ranch with many great sculptures that I wished I could see closer but the trees made it too difficult. I finally made it to Forsyth where I began to recognize where I was but I turned around and went back to take a picture of the last JESUS sign that I saw because I knew this was a journey I would need to share and remember. As I continued my drive back into Forsyth I heard Jesus whisper, “I am taking you on a life journey where everywhere you look you are going to see me”. I started out looking for Indian Springs State Park but ended up finding JESUS on an adventure of a lifetime.


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